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SZ Pianofabrik Concert Grand Piano Model D in a Gift Box

All SZ Pianofabrik Concert Grand Pianos are now easily purchased as gifts. I have changed the vendors in the shops in Caddo, so that anyone can now buy the piano as a gift to another person, even though the piano is no-transfer. The vendors have “Buy as a Gift” button on the bottom edge that can be used for this.

With the change of vendors, I have also introduced beautiful gift packages for all the SZ Pianofabrik pianos. You can now buy the piano in either a black box with gold ribbons, or pink box with magenta ribbons. The pianos in gift boxes will make perfect presents for many occasions like weddings or birthdays, or just wanting to give something nice for your loved one. The perfect companion to the piano in gift box is of course the “Romantic Piano Series” playable sheet music, which is also available in matching gift box. 🙂

The new vendors and pianos in gift boxes are available at SZ Pianofabrik, Caddo.

SZ Pianofabrik Concert Grand Piano Model D in a Gift Box SZ Pianofabrik Gift boxes


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Romantic Piano Series

I have added a new series of playable piano sheet music at SZ Pianofabrik selection. The “Romantic Piano Series” includes some of the most beautiful solo piano versions of classical music and some of more recent tunes. This series is perfect for those special moments with your loved one, or for weddings too – featuring piano arrangements of pieces such as Schubert’s Ave Maria, Pachelbel’s Canon in D Major, Mendelssohn’s Wedding march and many more.

The series includes alltogether 8 pieces, both classical and popular music. And is available either separately song by song, or all songs together in a beautiful gift box, that will make a nice wedding gift for example. The whole series in the gift box will also sell with reduced price.

Visit SZ Pianofabrik in Caddo for the Romantic Piano Series, and lots more of sheet music, and of course the Concert Grand Pianos. 🙂

Romantic Piano Series Gift Box

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SZ Designs October Sale - 50% Off

In order to celebrate few exciting upcoming events in advance – will post about them more bit later this coming week – SZ Designs is having a Big October Sale going from Oct 14th to Oct 20th.

All vendor sold Flying Tako sails, and all the antique nautical and maritime items and sailing accessories are discounted 50%!

Stop by at SZ Designs Sail Loft, Caddo for the Big October Sale! 🙂

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SZ Interiore - Gazebo - White

I have added two new items to the SZ Designs Interiore garden selection, namely gazebos that make a nice addition to a yard or garden.

The other one of the gazebos has detailed white painted finish on the wooden parts and the lattice, and stone tiled floor with ornamental seam details. The other one is made of dark mahogany wood with sandstone floor. Both gazebos have a little flagpole on top of the roof. These make also a very nice pavilion at a place with beautiful view, such as on top of a high hill or at seashore.

You can buy both the white gazebo and the mahogany gazebo directly from SLExchange (click on those links) … or you can visit SZ Designs Interiore at Caddo and find the gazebos there. 🙂

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SZ Pianofabrik Playable Sheet Music

I have introduced a selection of new piano sheet music from SZ Pianofabrik endorsed artists. The selection includes 10 original compositions from ElectrAcoustic Fusion artist Heath Vercher featuring contemporary new age piano, and five J. S. Bach pieces performed by Gideon Kappler including the famous C major Prelude from Well-Tempered Klavier and four Allemande’s from various books.

Also don’t forget to check out the old sheet music selection with compositions from very talented pianists Kori Carothers, Kurt Bestor and Louis Landon, and several classical piano pieces from various composers.

As usual these sheet music work with any pianos in Second Life and they are very easy to use – only need to rez and click to play. And I have tried to focus on as lag-free playback as possible in SL these days when population at times can be very high and stress the sims … but the music preload feature in the sheet music should help with that. The notecard that comes with the sheet music also gives tips to help overcome the SL lag. 🙂

Stop by at SZ Pianofabrik, Caddo, and see the new sheet music selection there!

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FreeLife Magazine

There is an interview on the newest issue (#3) of FreeLife Magazine about SZ Designs, sailmaking, nautical items, pianos, furniture, and zen and the art of texturing a prim. Well not the zen but almost everything else. 🙂

It is a new magazine about all kinds of SL things, very well written and very nice presentation. And with few of the SL related publications going towards the direction trying to find something dramatic, scandalous or negative about everything – it is very refreshing change to read nicely written articles about all kinds of interesting SL subjects, and introducing people who create things in SL.

Go to freelifemagazine.com and download the issue #3 and see for yourself! …. and don’t forget to read the SZ Designs interview! 🙂

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Custom Sails

SZ Custom Sails

I have been doing personalized custom sails for the Flying Tako boats since April 2006. And I got into this sailmaking thing sort of by an accident. I had been thinking that I would like to create something here in SL – but I didn’t have a clue what I should do. I did have some (not so good) ideas, but mostly when I explored and searched around a little, I found out that someone had done them already way better than I could, or then my ideas were just dull or not so suitable for SL.

So at about this time, early spring 2006, I found about sailing in SL – and the Flying Tako of course. I did read on the forum about this boat that could use wind in SL to move around, and very soon after that I had bought my very own boat. It didn’t take me long time to learn that I could put my own textures on the sails and also on the boat hull. And I wanted to make my boat unique. So after lots and lots of hours of trial and error and learning about textures, and about 50 uploads or so I had my first set of sails ready for the “Mermaid”.

It took lots more effort to create the hull textures and wrap them all around the boat. But eventually I did get it together – and the boat was ready to be entered in the Vagabonds Yacht Club boat show.

Soon after the show, I started getting requests from other sailors, if I would be interested making custom sails for them too. First only to few, then to couple more … and soon I found myself selling sails in Second Life. I did not ever think of becoming a sailmaker, but there I was anyways. 🙂

Since that time I have created many different kinds of personalized custom sails … from vague themes to very specified requests with photos or artwork attached. I will attach couple pictures to the end of this post of most recent work, these are displayed at Caddo at the moment too, the boats might stay for a while – so feel free to visit there to see them.

I do take custom orders, and completing the orders depends a bit on how busy I am. The set of custom sails for a Flying Tako includes a mainsail and spinnaker, and also a custom colored and shaded boat hull that is done in photoshop, with a boat name – and possibly accent stripes too. And every order is exclusive of course, so even though I have had several requests over time asking if I will sell certain sail design – that I have had on display at my shop – I do not sell the personalized custom orders except only to the person who originally ordered the item.

If you are interested in unique custom sails, feel free to send IM to me in SL, and stop by at SZ Designs Sail Loft at Caddo too to see some of the designs that I have made.

There might be exciting new development regarding custom sails in the near future, so I will post here about them as soon as they get done.

SZ Custom Sails SZ Custom Sails

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