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SZ Designs at Dr Dobb’s Island

Dr. Dobb’s Journal has hosted a virtual conference in Second Life, called Dr. Dobb’s Life 2.0 – twice this year first one was in spring, and they had a fall summit in september. Besides the virtual conferences, they have lots of interesting program at other times too at Dr. Dobb’s Island. You can find more information about that from their website life20.net.

There is also a big exposition and a “cathedral and bazaar” area at Dr. Dobb’s Island, with tents from different Second Life content creators – and you can also find SZ Designs tent at the bazaar. I just upgraded all the vendors recently at the tent too, so most SZ Designs products are available for Dr. Dobb’s visitors too. 🙂

Earlier this year I was invited to be interviewed at the Life 2.0 Spring Summit. I will include a few pictures and chat log from the interview here.

Life 2.0 picture 1 Life 2.0 picture 2
Life 2.0 picture 3 Life 2.0 picture 4

[15:06] John Zhaoying: Folks – welcome back … As I mentioned previously, our guest this afternoon is Suzanne Zeluco …
[15:06] dinee Ghia points at Seeker… peanut gallery that way
[15:06] Seeker Yuequi: 🙂
[15:06] John Zhaoying: Who is a designer and programmer of great versatility and what some Edward Tufte fans call ‘beauty density.’
[15:06] Suzanne Zeluco: hello everyone, and nice to be here
[15:07] orcmid Seattle: Hi!
[15:07] Seeker Yuequi: Hi Suzanne
[15:07] orcmid Seattle: Hello, avatar!
[15:07] Lisp Hax: Hi
[15:07] John Zhaoying: She’s well-known in several markets in SL as the proprietrice of S*Z pianofabrik and the S*Z design and sail loft.
[15:07] John Zhaoying: And she changed our program at Life 2.0 Summit in an important way.


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