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SZ Designs is opening a new shop in the most beautiful sim, Germania Seagull. This is absolute must place to visit by anyone enjoying serene and tranquil places, breathtaking sceneries, sailing in pictoresque waters and meeting friendly people.

The docks where the SZ Designs shop building is located, opens into a traditional looking port with seawalls protecting the boat slips, and voyaging further from the port allows you to sail on several sea sims, all with beautiful scenery.

Angel Baxter, who is developing the sims with Balthasar Trebuchet, explains that they are planning to officially open at 1st of May, but all visitors are of course heartily welcome to visit and explore before too. And I do recommend taking time to walk around the island, looking around, and experiencing the vistas – as there are so many amazing places at this sim. The pictures below speak better than thousand words, but visiting yourself is even better.

Angel also told that they have tried to achieve a mediterranean type of setting, mixed with just a little fantasy, but keeping it still real enough. And I can only say that they have certainly achieved in this. They do offer rental houses for people interested in moving in, and they also have very exciting plans for organizing sailing races, and other kinds of activities ranging from scuba diving to ballroom dances. 🙂

Sailing at some other locations might be maybe slightly lower lag under certain conditions, but I can only say that this is the place for those who enjoy their sailing in breathtakingly beautiful scenery and setting.

To celebrate this opening of the SZ Designs shop, all merchandise is on sale 25% off – from 18th of April to 1st of May (only in SZD Germania Seagull shop) – so be sure to come and visit, and landmark and visit again! 🙂


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Hollywood Marine Mall

Nber and MarkTwain have been opening a new shop for nautical items, called Hollywood Marine Mall. You can also find all the SZ Designs antique nautical and maritime items, as well as the custom sails selection there. The new mall is conveniently located right next door to the Starboards Yacht Club.

And for the christmas season a little tip: Because of how the SL permissions work (Flying Tako boats like most other vehicles are no-transfer), SZ Designs custom sails are also no-transfer, and there have occasionally been questions like “how can I buy a set of sails for someone as present”.

Now this is possible with the easy “Buy as a Gift” feature of SZ Designs vendors – and you can buy even the no-transfer sails for your friend or loved one – and the package gets delivered to them at the moment of purchase. So you can do the christmas sail shopping for example at Hollywood Marine Mall – just look for the “Buy as a Gift” -button on bottom edge of SZ Designs vendors! 🙂

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SZ Designs October Sale - 50% Off

In order to celebrate few exciting upcoming events in advance – will post about them more bit later this coming week – SZ Designs is having a Big October Sale going from Oct 14th to Oct 20th.

All vendor sold Flying Tako sails, and all the antique nautical and maritime items and sailing accessories are discounted 50%!

Stop by at SZ Designs Sail Loft, Caddo for the Big October Sale! 🙂

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Custom Sails

SZ Custom Sails

I have been doing personalized custom sails for the Flying Tako boats since April 2006. And I got into this sailmaking thing sort of by an accident. I had been thinking that I would like to create something here in SL – but I didn’t have a clue what I should do. I did have some (not so good) ideas, but mostly when I explored and searched around a little, I found out that someone had done them already way better than I could, or then my ideas were just dull or not so suitable for SL.

So at about this time, early spring 2006, I found about sailing in SL – and the Flying Tako of course. I did read on the forum about this boat that could use wind in SL to move around, and very soon after that I had bought my very own boat. It didn’t take me long time to learn that I could put my own textures on the sails and also on the boat hull. And I wanted to make my boat unique. So after lots and lots of hours of trial and error and learning about textures, and about 50 uploads or so I had my first set of sails ready for the “Mermaid”.

It took lots more effort to create the hull textures and wrap them all around the boat. But eventually I did get it together – and the boat was ready to be entered in the Vagabonds Yacht Club boat show.

Soon after the show, I started getting requests from other sailors, if I would be interested making custom sails for them too. First only to few, then to couple more … and soon I found myself selling sails in Second Life. I did not ever think of becoming a sailmaker, but there I was anyways. 🙂

Since that time I have created many different kinds of personalized custom sails … from vague themes to very specified requests with photos or artwork attached. I will attach couple pictures to the end of this post of most recent work, these are displayed at Caddo at the moment too, the boats might stay for a while – so feel free to visit there to see them.

I do take custom orders, and completing the orders depends a bit on how busy I am. The set of custom sails for a Flying Tako includes a mainsail and spinnaker, and also a custom colored and shaded boat hull that is done in photoshop, with a boat name – and possibly accent stripes too. And every order is exclusive of course, so even though I have had several requests over time asking if I will sell certain sail design – that I have had on display at my shop – I do not sell the personalized custom orders except only to the person who originally ordered the item.

If you are interested in unique custom sails, feel free to send IM to me in SL, and stop by at SZ Designs Sail Loft at Caddo too to see some of the designs that I have made.

There might be exciting new development regarding custom sails in the near future, so I will post here about them as soon as they get done.

SZ Custom Sails SZ Custom Sails

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Over time I have tried to create a place in Second Life, where people new to SL sailing could easily find out about boats, yacht clubs and other sailing related things. And as part of this have tried to offer a selection of wind powered boats that might spark the interest of someone, who maybe just learned about sailing in SL – and why not the more experienced sailor too. 🙂

I started this already in spring 2006, when I started offering the first custom sails for the Flying Tako, and made it possible for my customers to buy the boat at the same time. And I found out that there were lots of people who were very interested in sailing, but never heard of it before in SL, and never tried it.

Sometime afterwards the Muse dinghy was introduced – offering a bit different sailing model than the boats that are based on the Tako scripts. And many of the people in the sailing community welcomed this new boat warmly, and it got very good reviews on the sailing forum too. So soon after that the Muse was added to the wind-powered boat selection at the Sail Loft – at the side of the Tako.

After that the selection has grown, with fast Moth Multihull trimarans. And Owen Oyen’s Americas Cup Yachts, that were the first racing boats in Second Life to feature wind shadowing for those who seek more tactical challenges.

And of course there are the amazing Trudeau yachts – the most finely built classical sailing boats in Second Life – perfect for relaxing cruising around the SL waterways. And then the latest addition to the fleet, Verkin Raven’s Tetra 35 sloop. At this time probably the most detailed modern sailingboat available in Second Life.

I have the Trucordia Yawl, and Trudeau Tahiti Ketch displayed at the Sail Loft marina, as well as the Tetra 35 sloop – so I would recommend visit there and see these boats in-world. And all these wind-powered sailingboats are also for sale at SZ Designs Sail Loft, Caddo.

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This was a project that took some time to get finished, with some unexpected things happening and then arranging the boat to be sold from a vendor (it is still a Tako, so Kanker owns the vendor) … and in the very end Kanker also updated the Tako to version 3.3 – so Pearl was to be a version 3.3 Flying Tako too.

So … what is it then? And why is it called “Pearl”?

The name came last, just before creating the vendor graphics, so I will explain it first. I had the idea that since the boat essentially is a Flying Tako, with only cosmetic changes… And tako is octopus in japanese (you can see that on the original Tako sail logo too), I did want this boat to be in some way tied to an octopus of some kind, or at least some kind of sealife if not octopus.

So I thought and thought some more, it is always the most difficult part to come up with a name it seems. And there weren’t that many octopi with very appealing names, it appeared to me. So I spent some more time thinking, and tried to search the web for various squid. And the more I searched the less appealing the whole idea seemed. And then finally when I was about to give up, from somewhere came the idea..

Pearl the Octopus

There is a very cute purple octopus called Pearl in Disney film “Finding Nemo” and from that moment on when I thought of that, “Pearl” seemed very appropriate name for a boat that is customized from a Flying Tako. 🙂

So .. about the boat itself then. It was inspired by vintage square metre class boats, with traditional materials .. and I chose pine, oregon pine and teak for this boat. This boat evolved somewhat from a custom project I did last year, someone might remember seeing the mahogany boat called “Christelle” in front of the Sail Loft in Caddo.

However this pine boat, as I used to call it for quite long time, soon evolved to have a life of it’s own – with tanbark sails and painted dark red under the waterline with white accent stripes – very much honoring the traditional aesthetics of similar vintage boats in RL. Also some finer details got improved on “Pearl” such as the vintage lines going up the mast and along the deck of the boat.

In essence it is a Flying Tako, the prim shapes and sizes are left intact. But every single texture on the boat has been changed from the originals. So it can be said to be a fully custom textured Tako … all textures have also been crafted to specifically fit this particular boat.

So along the project, the boat was displayed for a time at my shop, but not yet for sale … and I got several people asking when it would be available. So I am glad to announce now, that it finally got finished a few weeks ago, with Tako version 3.3 scripts in it, put into a vendor, and is for sale now.

You can see and buy the boat in-world at SZ Designs Sail Loft, Caddo. 🙂

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Full set of copyable navigation buoys

Couple weeks ago I introduced a selection of nautical navigation buoys, the first incarnation of these appeared at the Relay for Life sailing sim this summer. The buoys are based on the IALA defined lateral and cardinal marks (find out here more about what that exactly means) … or in other words similar buoys are used for RL navigation and sailing.

I wanted to make my buoys follow the lines of the other vintage maritime items that are available at SZ Designs, so they have a weathered painted look, with little scratches and dents. And unlike the modern RL buoys which have sophisticated lights that blink in certain patterns, these buoys have antique buoy lanterns on the top. The lanterns will light up on their own when the sun sets, and will show a little flame and cast a glow around the top of the buoy too, that can be seen from further away on the sea. The owner of the buoys can also make the lanterns stay on all day all night, or turn them off alltogether.

In each package I have also included lower prim versions of the buoys. One that doesn’t have a lantern on top, but instead a daytime sign – which are used to recognize the buoy far away from the sea when the sun is too bright to see the painted colors clearly. And then there is one version without any kind of sign on the top, that is only 3 prims per buoy.

The buoys rock gently in the waves, and the lantern buoys are also scripted with easy-to-use menu for the light options. The buoys are available in no-copy packages – 3 buoys in each package … or then a full set of all available buoys with copy permission.

The packages also have information, and a picture, how to set the buoys to show the safe sailing route. ….. and the buoys are available at SZ Designs Sail Loft at Caddo.

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