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SZ Interiore - Gazebo - White

I have added two new items to the SZ Designs Interiore garden selection, namely gazebos that make a nice addition to a yard or garden.

The other one of the gazebos has detailed white painted finish on the wooden parts and the lattice, and stone tiled floor with ornamental seam details. The other one is made of dark mahogany wood with sandstone floor. Both gazebos have a little flagpole on top of the roof. These make also a very nice pavilion at a place with beautiful view, such as on top of a high hill or at seashore.

You can buy both the white gazebo and the mahogany gazebo directly from SLExchange (click on those links) … or you can visit SZ Designs Interiore at Caddo and find the gazebos there. 🙂


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