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Starting now in May, here is a new series introducing the SZ Pianofabrik endorsed artists, in form of little interviews, hopefully giving some insight how is it to be a performing artist in Second Life. And also give little information about their musical interests and passions, and hopefully provide an interesting reading for all of you who love piano music, and to go enjoy the live piano performances in SL! 🙂

The first featured Artist of the Month, for May 2008, is Clarissima Schumann, a multitalented musician – with a long list of performances from all over the world and now in SL too. She forms a duo with her RL husband, and they perform together in Second Life too, as the Schumann Duo. I would like to encourage anyone who loves classical music to attend one of their performances and enjoy the music yourself.

I did interview Clarissima about her journey in Second Life so far, about her musical interests, and about how it is to be a performing musician in SL – so I will let her tell in her own words about these things and more!

How did you find out about Second Life, and how and when did you start in SL?


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Classical Piano Series

There is new set of playable piano sheet music available at SZ Pianofabrik – called the “Classical Piano Series”. This series features the masterpieces from the most famous classical music composers, mostly from the romantic era – and includes such pieces as “Für Elise”, “Pathétique” and “Moonlight” Sonatas from Beethoven, two “Arabesques” from Debussy, the “Gymnopedies” serie from Erik Satie, and much more.

The whole series include 12 full length piano pieces, that will play beautifully with the SZ Pianofabrik concert grand piano (and other pianos too). The songs can be bought individually, and the whole set is also available in an exquisite gift-wrapped package – which is also transferable, so you can hand it to the gift recipient. Or buy it for yourself as a gift 🙂 …. as the whole set bought in the package is 37.5% cheaper than buying the pieces individually.

You can find the “Classical Piano Series” at SZ Pianofabrik, which is located at SZ Designs Interiore store at Caddo. Don’t forget to check out also the “Romantic Piano Series”, and the other piano sheet music that are available at the shelves next to the long wall, and of course the Model D series Concert Grand Pianos! 🙂

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SZ Pianofabrik Playable Sheet Music

I have introduced a selection of new piano sheet music from SZ Pianofabrik endorsed artists. The selection includes 10 original compositions from ElectrAcoustic Fusion artist Heath Vercher featuring contemporary new age piano, and five J. S. Bach pieces performed by Gideon Kappler including the famous C major Prelude from Well-Tempered Klavier and four Allemande’s from various books.

Also don’t forget to check out the old sheet music selection with compositions from very talented pianists Kori Carothers, Kurt Bestor and Louis Landon, and several classical piano pieces from various composers.

As usual these sheet music work with any pianos in Second Life and they are very easy to use – only need to rez and click to play. And I have tried to focus on as lag-free playback as possible in SL these days when population at times can be very high and stress the sims … but the music preload feature in the sheet music should help with that. The notecard that comes with the sheet music also gives tips to help overcome the SL lag. 🙂

Stop by at SZ Pianofabrik, Caddo, and see the new sheet music selection there!

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