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Starting now in May, here is a new series introducing the SZ Pianofabrik endorsed artists, in form of little interviews, hopefully giving some insight how is it to be a performing artist in Second Life. And also give little information about their musical interests and passions, and hopefully provide an interesting reading for all of you who love piano music, and to go enjoy the live piano performances in SL! ๐Ÿ™‚

The first featured Artist of the Month, for May 2008, is Clarissima Schumann, a multitalented musician – with a long list of performances from all over the world and now in SL too. She forms a duo with her RL husband, and they perform together in Second Life too, as the Schumann Duo. I would like to encourage anyone who loves classical music to attend one of their performances and enjoy the music yourself.

I did interview Clarissima about her journey in Second Life so far, about her musical interests, and about how it is to be a performing musician in SL – so I will let her tell in her own words about these things and more!

How did you find out about Second Life, and how and when did you start in SL?


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SZ Designs is opening a new shop in the most beautiful sim, Germania Seagull. This is absolute must place to visit by anyone enjoying serene and tranquil places, breathtaking sceneries, sailing in pictoresque waters and meeting friendly people.

The docks where the SZ Designs shop building is located, opens into a traditional looking port with seawalls protecting the boat slips, and voyaging further from the port allows you to sail on several sea sims, all with beautiful scenery.

Angel Baxter, who is developing the sims with Balthasar Trebuchet, explains that they are planning to officially open at 1st of May, but all visitors are of course heartily welcome to visit and explore before too. And I do recommend taking time to walk around the island, looking around, and experiencing the vistas – as there are so many amazing places at this sim. The pictures below speak better than thousand words, but visiting yourself is even better.

Angel also told that they have tried to achieve a mediterranean type of setting, mixed with just a little fantasy, but keeping it still real enough. And I can only say that they have certainly achieved in this. They do offer rental houses for people interested in moving in, and they also have very exciting plans for organizing sailing races, and other kinds of activities ranging from scuba diving to ballroom dances. ๐Ÿ™‚

Sailing at some other locations might be maybe slightly lower lag under certain conditions, but I can only say that this is the place for those who enjoy their sailing in breathtakingly beautiful scenery and setting.

To celebrate this opening of the SZ Designs shop, all merchandise is on sale 25% off – from 18th of April to 1st of May (only in SZD Germania Seagull shop) – so be sure to come and visit, and landmark and visit again! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Classical Piano Series

There is new set of playable piano sheet music available at SZ Pianofabrik – called the “Classical Piano Series”. This series features the masterpieces from the most famous classical music composers, mostly from the romantic era – and includes such pieces as “Fรผr Elise”, “Pathรฉtique” and “Moonlight” Sonatas from Beethoven, two “Arabesques” from Debussy, the “Gymnopedies” serie from Erik Satie, and much more.

The whole series include 12 full length piano pieces, that will play beautifully with the SZ Pianofabrik concert grand piano (and other pianos too). The songs can be bought individually, and the whole set is also available in an exquisite gift-wrapped package – which is also transferable, so you can hand it to the gift recipient. Or buy it for yourself as a gift ๐Ÿ™‚ …. as the whole set bought in the package is 37.5% cheaper than buying the pieces individually.

You can find the “Classical Piano Series” at SZ Pianofabrik, which is located at SZ Designs Interiore store at Caddo. Don’t forget to check out also the “Romantic Piano Series”, and the other piano sheet music that are available at the shelves next to the long wall, and of course the Model D series Concert Grand Pianos! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Happy New Year 2008

SZ Designs wishes a Happy New Year 2008 for all friends, customers and everyone else too. And as new years resolution there will be more exciting thing – both nautical and pianos, and other .. for the year 2008! ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy New Year!

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SZ Designs

There is very active sailing community in Second Life that is helping new people to get involved with sailing the amazing wind powered boats in SL, and also organize lots of events – several each week – for both the newcomers and more experienced sailors. The number of events is really amazing, compared to for example spring 2006 when there were two yacht clubs actively organizing races – and I believe at that time there were only 3 racing events per week plus the “learn to sail” class at Starboards Yacht Club.

So the event calendar for the sailing community these days looks very full, which is a good thing. And there are lots of active people helping and volunteering run and manage these events. But one thing I have always been wondering, is that nearly all of these sailing events (with exception of the aforementioned “learn to sail” class) are racing events. More or less catering only towards the crowd that are interested in sail racing. And even some of the sailing classes nowadays discuss tips and techniques for racers.

There have always been people in the sailing community, who are more interested in exploring the various waterways of Second Life – more with the pace of a leisure cruise, enjoying the sights and the relaxed atmosphere of sailing without a clock ticking or a race opponent breathing at the back of your neck. For some reason this portion of the sailing community has never been so vocal, and probably many many people who sail their boats in Second Life and don’t participate the races, never maybe even found their way to the “active sailing community”.

There were couple discussion threads at the slsailing.org forums about pleasure cruises, but mostly the topics are very race-centered.

I have been trying to offer a different possibility for sailing at Caddo – in form of Caddo Guest Marina, that is at the side of SZ Designs Sail Loft. You can find the guest marina on the north side of the Sail Loft building, with couple display boats moored at the pier there. I have marked a “boat rez area” there for people to easily find where they can rez and launch their boats, to get sailing the lake area in front of Caddo.

And speaking of the lake area – it is one of the best locations to sail in SL … and mainland sailing has often got shadowed by the discussions of sailing community being very much focused on private sim sailing lately…

But the lake area in front of SZ Designs Sail Loft in Caddo, offers over 25 Linden protected sims to sail on, with no fences or banlines at all. And if you sail through the Drawbridge, there are 6 more fully protected sims to explore in that direction – and sailing past Lauks Nest, and north through the river towards Mowry – there are over 15 protected water sims in the area in front of Mowry and west from there.

So that means over 45 fully protected water sims to sail on only at this area!

.. the river network north from Caddo, and going towards Waterhead can also be sailed, and someone (sorry forgot who) posted a report on the slsailing.org earlier this year about succesfully sailing from this lake area all the way through ANWR and over to the northern Atoll continent, and to the very northern side of Atoll.

So there are vast possibilities for sailing on the mainland, and in my opinion it has been somewhat underrated … or at least not really talked about. Perhaps because most of the sailing community is so much focused on racing. Of course there is the start line at Adriatic sim, and the race course around the big lake area, but I don’t think it has been used much at all for races.

The best way to start exploring the SL mainland waterways, and the huge lake areas, is to rez your boat at SZ Designs Caddo Guest Marina, and start sailing the lake area there – with over 25 protected sims only on the big lake! ๐Ÿ™‚

SZ Designs Sailing Routes - Caddo-Mowry Boat Rez Area at Caddo Guest Marina

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Hollywood Marine Mall

Nber and MarkTwain have been opening a new shop for nautical items, called Hollywood Marine Mall. You can also find all the SZ Designs antique nautical and maritime items, as well as the custom sails selection there. The new mall is conveniently located right next door to the Starboards Yacht Club.

And for the christmas season a little tip: Because of how the SL permissions work (Flying Tako boats like most other vehicles are no-transfer), SZ Designs custom sails are also no-transfer, and there have occasionally been questions like “how can I buy a set of sails for someone as present”.

Now this is possible with the easy “Buy as a Gift” feature of SZ Designs vendors – and you can buy even the no-transfer sails for your friend or loved one – and the package gets delivered to them at the moment of purchase. So you can do the christmas sail shopping for example at Hollywood Marine Mall – just look for the “Buy as a Gift” -button on bottom edge of SZ Designs vendors! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Prim Perfect October Issue

Many of you might be familiar with Prim Perfect, the magazine to read for all about furniture designs and interior decoration in Second Life. They are featuring SZ Designs as part of a fun competition called Prim Perfect autumn Treasure Hunt. There are various interior design stores presented as clues to this treasure hunt, and the objective is to find the prim count of the item at display. The person answering the prim counts for most clues right will win a prize.

As clue #13 in the autumn Treasure Hunt, Prim Perfect magazine is featuring the SZ Pianofabrik Concert Grand Piano, Model D. Just as a little hint for those hunting the correct prim count of this piano – it is not most easy to find out just by right clicking the piano itself (.. because the piano is built of many separate pieces) … but the correct prim count can be found somewhere very close to the piano at SZ Designs Interiore store. ๐Ÿ˜‰

You can grab your copy of Prim Perfect magazine for example on SL Exchange – or read more about the treasure hunt on the Prim Perfect blog and website. ๐Ÿ™‚

Prim Perfect Treasure Hunt

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